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3000 (ROD) 2-8-0 3036
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BR Mk1 Super BG Full Brake
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R/C Nitro Powered Cars RTR

Nitro Powered Cars are best suited to ages 16+. Some knowledge of 2-stroke engines is beneficial and there is some maintenance. Reverse drive is not standard. Most require 20% nitro mix fuel which we sell but cannot send out.

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HYPER 7 TQ2 RTR BUGGY w/MAC*28 TURBO ENGINE, 2.4ghz RADIO Age 16+ with experience and knowled..
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1/10 IC 4WD RTR Wildfire
33530001/10 IC 4WD RTR Wildfire
1/10 IC 4WD RTR Wildfire Off Road Buggy (2.4GHz) Key Features ..
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Fastrax Tru-Start Buggy/Truggy Starter Box
FAST561Fastrax Tru-Start Buggy/Truggy Starter Box
Fastrax Tru-Start Buggy/Truggy Starter Box Further expanding their range of quality nitro sta..
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Carnage Nitro Truck
FTX5540Carnage Nitro Truck
FTX Carnage NT 4WD RTR 1/10th Nitro Truck The awesome FTX Carnage gets the nitro treatment wi..
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Hyper 7 with 21 engine
HBM7-TQS21DGHyper 7 with 21 engine
HOBAO HYPER 7 TQ2 RTR BUGGY w/HYPER 21 TURBO, SAVOX, 2.4ghz RADIO Get ready for the new stand..
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