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Binary Catamaran Yacht RTR
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Force2 60 Catamaran Yacht
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Mod.Hall 6965
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Goods Yard Crane
PN840Goods Yard Crane
A finely detailed kit that comes complete with chain ..
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Settle/Carlisle Railway Station Shelter
PN934Settle/Carlisle Railway Station Shelter
Settle/Carlisle Railway Station Shelter This beautiful design is a replica of the standard sm..
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Settle/Carlisle Goods Shed
PN936Settle/Carlisle Goods Shed
Settle/Carlisle Goods Shed ..
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Low-relief Pub & Shops
PO205Low-relief Pub & Shops
Low relief kits are only the front part of a building and are positioned against a back wall.Size..
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Low Relief Cinema & Shops
PO206Low Relief Cinema & Shops
Low Relief Cinema & Shops Designed to stand along side our Pub & Shops kit PO205 and ..
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Self adhesive Paving Slabs
PO210Self adhesive Paving Slabs
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Platform Kit
PO216Platform Kit
A versatile platform system that allows you build to virtually any shape you require. Straight, c..
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Parish Church
PO226Parish Church
A finely detailed semi Gothic church with fine laser cut recessed stone windows and clear glazing..
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Water Tower/Sandhaouse
PO227Water Tower/Sandhaouse
These two models are essential to complete a shed scheme.Size : Water Tower 94mm x 64mm. S/house ..
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Coaching Inn
PO228Coaching Inn
Fabulous design which will enhance any model railway.Size : 190mm x 200mm ..
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Goods Shed
PO232Goods Shed
Complete with weighbridge and office. ..
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Signal Box
PO233Signal Box
Based on an L.N.W.R. design this kit includes some plastic parts. Size : 96mm x 50mm ..
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Stone Platform Kit
PO235Stone Platform Kit
Designed to be used with the Metcalf Mainline buildings. Can make up to 10ft straight platfo..
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Covered footbridge with internal detail. Wide enough to span two, or possibly three tracks. ..
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Country Sation
PO237Country Sation
Red Brick country station complete with opposite platform shelter. Based on designs used by ..
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Stone Built Wayside Station
PO238Stone Built Wayside Station
Based on Brunels original drawings for a standard wayside railway station as used at Twyford and ..
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Wayside Station Shelter
PO239Wayside Station Shelter
Stone built Wayside Station Shelter. Based on Brunels original drawings for a standard waysid..
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Double Track Viaduct red brick
PO240Double Track Viaduct red brick
Double track viaduct Overall length 735mm, Height to track bed 132mm, Trackwidth 100mm ..
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Double Track Viaduct Stone
PO241Double Track Viaduct Stone
Double track viaduct. Overall legth 735mm, Height to track bed 132mm, track width 100mm ..
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DoubleTrack Tunnel Entrances
PO242DoubleTrack Tunnel Entrances
Contains two complete tunnel entrances with inner and outer walls. Entrance size 107mm x 95mm..
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