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Binary Catamaran Yacht RTR
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Force2 60 Catamaran Yacht
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Mod.Hall 6965
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Scale reproduction of the famous British tea clipper that seriously challenged the beauty and spe..
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H.M.S. President
792H.M.S. President
A fine model of a typical light frigate built in Britain in the early 1700 ..
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H.M.S. Race Horse
793H.M.S. Race Horse
Reproduction of a ketch strengthened by the British for Arctic exploration which also had the abi..
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Originally named ..
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Direct descendant of the ..
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Roller Plank Bender
8150Roller Plank Bender
An alternative to the above. Does not mark the wood ..
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Plank Bender
8151Plank Bender
Bends planking to various curves. Really useful and easy to use ..
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Hull Clamp
8155Hull Clamp
Supports the hull making building much easier and aloows you to use both hands. ..
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Focke Wulf Fw190A
A01020Focke Wulf Fw190A
Airfix Focke Wulf Fw190A-8 in 1:72 scale First flying in 1939, the Focke-Wulf Fw190 prov..
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Messerschmitt Me262A-1A Schwalbe 1:72 ..
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WW11 RAF Bomber RE-Supply Set
A05330WW11 RAF Bomber RE-Supply Set
Airfix 1/72 nd scale WW11 RAF Bomber RE-Supply Set Requires assembly, cement, and paint. ..
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Boeing Fortress MK.III
A08018Boeing Fortress MK.III
Boeing Fortress MK.III 1:72 ..
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Avro Lancaster "Dambuster"
A09007Avro Lancaster "Dambuster"
New Tooling for this Airfix 1/72 nd scale Avro Lancaster "Dambuster" kit Paints and ceme..
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Avro Shackleton MR2
A11004Avro Shackleton MR2
Scale: 1:72 Skill: 4 Flying Hours: 4 Number of Parts: 269 Dimensions ..
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Mississippi Wooden Paddle Wheel Steamboat
AL20505Mississippi Wooden Paddle Wheel Steamboat
Artesania Latina Mississippi Wooden Paddle Wheel Steamboat Model Kit Complete wooden kit requ..
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Waveny Lifeboat
B101Waveny Lifeboat
1:40 R.N.L.I. Waveny Lifeboat 10 boats of this type- 44-foot vessels- were sent to Engl..
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US Coast Guard
B101CUS Coast Guard
1:40 U.S Coast Guard This 44-foot Coast Guard is a very seaworthy lifeboat, designed to..
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Dana Fishing Bost
B200CDana Fishing Bost
1:60 Dana Fishing Boat The Dana is a typical fishing cutter from North Zealand in Denma..
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HMS Victory
B498HMS Victory
1:75 H.M.S Victory H.M.S. Victory was launched in 1765 at Chatham Dockyard and was comm..
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Dragen Yacht
B582Dragen Yacht
1:12 Dragen Yacht The first Dragen was built in 1929 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sailing..
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