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 'Epsom' Schools Class
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3000 (ROD) 2-8-0 3036
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BMW Z4 GT3, AMD Tuning
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BR Class 28XX
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Rotacraft RC-12
5533310Rotacraft RC-12
Single speed 12V compact rotary tool with plug in transformer 18000rpm 2.4m total..
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Rotacraft RC-18
5533320Rotacraft RC-18
Pen-like 12V variable speed rotary tool and transformer In-built variable speed control..
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Rotacraft RC-230
5533330Rotacraft RC-230
230V variable speed rotary tool 8000 - 25000 rpm 2 grip positions - pen grip and ..
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Rotacraft RC-09
5533350Rotacraft RC-09
Rotacraft RC-09   Compact, precise tool with 100 various accessories (3.2mm max dia)..
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Table Top Magnifying Lamp
73950Table Top Magnifying Lamp
  Table Top Magnifying Lamp Features: Shadow free light with low heat emission 12 ..
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Glue Sticks
74331Glue Sticks
743-31 5/16 inch Glue Sticks Suitable for Micro Glue Gun 743-30 4 inch sticks Pack of 12 ..
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Glue Gun
74334Glue Gun
Battery Operated Glue Gun Uses 4 x AA Batteries (not included) 3 x 5/16" Glue Sticks included..
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Mini Compressor inc Airbrush
AB4750053Mini Compressor inc Airbrush
Mini compressor with air brush, ideal for plastic modelling or spraying various objects. Uses mos..
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Starter Airbrush Set
AB652Starter Airbrush Set
Starter Airbrush Set Features: AB650 Bottom Feed Spray Gun Compressor Connector Included ..
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Airbrush Starter Kit
AB702BAirbrush Starter Kit
Bottom load airbrush Features: Bottom Feed AB701 Airbrush Easy clean nozzle Spray Adjus..
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Air Brush Kit
AB726Air Brush Kit
Features: Gravity Feed AB725 Airbrush Paint Dropper Included Spray Adjustable: 0.3 - 40mm ..
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Airbrush with LARGE 7ml Colour Cup AB900 - Brand new high quality airbrushes with easy clean ..
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All Purpose Airbrush
AG5107All Purpose Airbrush
A great beginners airbrush to introduce the skill of airbrushing at a great value price. Use with..
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The Modeller's Tool Set
AG5159The Modeller's Tool Set
Humbrol Tool Set inc £ x Clamps, Knife, Spare Blade, Tweezers, Pin Vice, Side Cutters, Cutters, &..
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Modeller's Tool Set
AG9150Modeller's Tool Set
Humbrol Modeller's Tool Set inc Cutters, Knife, Tweezers and File ..
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A4 Cutting Mat
AG9155A4 Cutting Mat
Self Sealing A4 Cutting Mat Suitable for Humbrol Workstation AG9156 ..
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Static Grass Applicator
STAStatic Grass Applicator
Used for applying static grass. Works perfectly. Requires just 2 x AA batteries. Approx lengt..
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