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Arcade Shops
PO572Arcade Shops
This is an enhancement kit for the 00 scale shop fronts - code PO272 and PO273 A laser cut k..
Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance
PO284Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance
Boilerhouse & Factory Entrance designed to be used with PO282 ansd PO283 ..
Booking Hall
PN920Booking Hall
Mainline Station Booking Hall A grand centrepiece station kit with lots of features and loads..
A group of buildings that make to a very interesting brewery complex.Size : Malt store 90 x 50. B..
Bus Garage
PN125Bus Garage
Could be used as warehousing, carriage shed, transport depotSize : Each bay 70mm x 70mm. Office 2..
Coaching Inn
PO228Coaching Inn
Fabulous design which will enhance any model railway.Size : 190mm x 200mm ..
Weathered Cobblestones printed on to thick card Pack contains 8 x sheets 200 x 270mm, OO gaug..
Corner Shops, red brick
PN116Corner Shops, red brick
A pair of buildings designed to stand along side PN103 Terraced Houses ..
Corner Shops, stone
PN117Corner Shops, stone
Corner Shop & Pub in stone ..
Country Sation
PO237Country Sation
Red Brick country station complete with opposite platform shelter. Based on designs used by ..
Double Track Viaduct red brick
PO240Double Track Viaduct red brick
Double track viaduct Overall length 735mm, Height to track bed 132mm, Trackwidth 100mm ..
Double Track Viaduct Stone
PO241Double Track Viaduct Stone
Double track viaduct. Overall legth 735mm, Height to track bed 132mm, track width 100mm ..
DoubleTrack Tunnel Entrances
PO242DoubleTrack Tunnel Entrances
Contains two complete tunnel entrances with inner and outer walls. Entrance size 107mm x 95mm..
Dressed Gritstone
M0052Dressed Gritstone
8 Sheets of thick card printed with weathered gritstone ..
Engineers Blue Brick
M0053Engineers Blue Brick
Contains 4 x A4 sheets of thick card plus 4 x A4 sheets of thin card ..
Foorbridge with 96 mm span and additional steps to allow it to used at track level ..
Covered footbridge with internal detail. Wide enough to span two, or possibly three tracks. ..
Fountain Set
PN823Fountain Set
A set of 3 stone fountains, one circular, one hexagonal and a wall fountain. Circular and he..
Goods Shed
PN112Goods Shed
Superb goods depot with interior detailSize : 140mm x 65mm ..
Goods Shed
PO232Goods Shed
Complete with weighbridge and office. ..