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Manufacturer: ETRONIX
Product Code: FTX5585
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Available end Nov 2017

Without doubt some of the current crop of r/c scale crawlers and trail vehicles are amazingly detailed. Whether it is a self-assembly kit or a ready-to-run model, the scale finishing is breath taking. However with this comes a price and for beginners looking to enter the r/c hobby for the first time, these expensively priced beauties can be just too much for some pockets.

FTX have recognised this and with the release of their new Outback range, they aim to bring scale r/c enjoyment to the masses. The Outback platform features a twin rail type chassis with locked axles at either end for maximum ground clearance and drive, while the multi-link suspension provides excellent articulation to traverse off road terrain. The Outback uses a brushed 370-sized motor and 2/3A sized battery, keeping costs and overall weight down. The gearbox is geared perfectly for high torque, slow speed driving, while the waterproof 2-in-1 ESC unit provides proportional power.

Scale finished wheels and all-terrain supersoft tyres with memory foam help maintain the rigs drive over most surfaces. Front and rear scale looking bumpers come with pre-installed LED lights for added scale realism and with three instantly recognisable classic 4x4 body styles there is an Outback ready for you and waiting to hit the trail.

FTX Outback Trail Vehicle Features:

2.4ghz radio system

Waterproof 40A 2-in-1 speed control

Waterproof axle mounted 3kg steering servo

Brushed RC390 motor

7.2v 1500mah NiMH battery & wall charger

Ball bearings

Twin rail metal frame chassis

Multi-link suspension for smooth articulation

Low CG centre 3-gear high torque transmission

Front and rear locked axles

Telescopic universal driveshafts

Oil filled shock absorbers

Adjustable battery mount

Alloy links & steering hub for durability

Supersoft all terrain tyres with memory foam

Front & rear bumpers w/factory fitted LED lights

Length: 416mm • Width: 215mm

Height: 230mm • Weight: 1350g

Wheelbase: 250mm • Gear Ratio: 57:1

Tyre Dia: 105mm • Wheel Dia: 54mm

Ground Clearance: 76mm

Please Note: This kit in sold in RTR (Ready-to-run) format and requires 4 x AA batteries for completion.


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