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700 Class
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700 Class
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Box of 20 burner tablets ..
Mamod Traction Engine
1313Mamod Traction Engine
Steam operated engine with steering rod. A tradititional metal construction model which includes ..
Steam Power Engine
SP2Steam Power Engine
Powerful, compact engine capable of driving workshop models. Age 14+ Overall length appro..
Steam Power Engine
SP4Steam Power Engine
Stationary engines which can be used to run accessory models. Includes fuel tablets and oil. ..
Steam Roller
1312Steam Roller
Working model complete with fuel and oil. Unsuitable for children as this requires a burner to bo..
Twin Cylinder Stationary engine
1335Twin Cylinder Stationary engine
Working stationary engine including fuel tablets and oil. Powerful engine capable of driving ..
Water Cart
WATWater Cart
Decorative water cart foruse with mobile engines ..